Beach stripes


Hello Everyone,

I’ve been planning to post this look for a long time, but something always came up.  There was always an unexpected trip, or I just got too busy with everything. I was out for a few weeks, but now that I am back I have a few outfits that I want to show you guys, and also I have some great news: a few giveaways are on the way, Yaaay!!!  Who doesn’t like giveaways? I mean, I am a big sucker for giveaways.  I always subscribe and comment and participate, hoping that I’ll be the lucky one.

Anyways, I really wanted to show you guys this awesome beach dress. I’ve been stocking up with pom pom wedges, dresses, tops, and beach totes this summer. I absolutely love this style, the open back and also the stripes, with pink flats, which I didn’t have :))))

Thanks for stopping by, and remember stay tuned for giveaways!


Dress: Shein

Tote: Boohoo (also like this one and this one)




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